The Soul Source – A Primer for Living as a Soul (Digital download)



The everyday person trudges through life never knowing or understanding the forces and energies that influence him. The Soul Source provides a behind the scenes look at understanding the nature of these energies and forces driving you and how to transcend your mental and emotional limitations on the path of liberation. From this understanding, you will acquire meaning and purpose to your life. This journey of self-discovery shows you how to develop the intuition, practical techniques for connecting with your highest nature and learning the importance of how to align your mental, emotional and physical nature with your own Soul. This is called Soul integration and provides great benefit yourself and for the people in your life, and humanity.

You will discover the importance of setting up a spiritual practice and how to recognize that the yearning for truth and guidance you feel from within is from your own Soul. With this knowledge, your life will become more stable through a regular practice of meditation, the study of spiritual texts, and the practice of selfless service. The practice of subtle activism is discussed as a tool to enhance your service work and allow for social transformation.


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