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The Way to Soul Consciousness

As we set out to discover the many ways the Soul expresses in our lives, we come to understand on a deeper level that we are on a spiritual path. This is the path of the Spirit, which is continually unfolding and answering the questions of Who and what we are, and What is our purpose? To get to this awareness, you the spiritual seeker must redeem or purify anything in his consciousness that blocks you from direct knowledge for becoming the “knower”. The Soul, acting as an intermediary helps with that purification.

When you are able to connect with the Soul and allow its higher vibrations to transform your personality, you can then make spiritual progress. Using suggested mental techniques, you are encouraged to become the one who “knows” about energy (thoughts and emotion) and force (use of the will). By becoming observant and mindful you prepare yourself for “consciously” moving into a higher spiritual space. Working with your Soul a balance is achieved between the mental, emotional, and physical vehicles. A detailed description is provided on how to integrate the human personality with the Soul as a major step in realizing the Divine within….The techniques discussed are designed to be practical to use in your everyday life.

Topics covered in this course include: Nature of evolution of consciousness vs. the evolution of the form nature; The 3 major Divine Aspects; Becoming the Observer; Right use of the Mind; Stages of Personal Evolution; Purification and Liberation; Alignment and Integration; Working with Crisis; Importance of Spiritual values, Rules and Commandments; Importance of Meditation Spiritual Study, and Service; Setting up a Spiritual Practice.

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