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Subjective Influences through the 10 Seed Groups

This book presents very practical solutions for establishing right human relations in the 10 Seed (Service) Groups and involves defining what a particular seed group will look like in the coming civilization.

For over a century, the Hierarchy and the Ashrams have been influencing disciples and Lightworkers around the world with ideas and impressions.  These energies have literally shaped civilization in all fields of human activity, regardless of culture. The New Group of World Servers, or the Lightworkers rely on their ability to invoke impressions by turning them into creative solutions that aids in the redemption and upliftment of humanity. Increasingly, by practicing cooperation and goodwill, they are showing the limitations of selfishness, bigotry and materialism for creating a new spiritually oriented civilization based on
right human relations.

The immediate objective of the Hierarchy is to bring about cohesion and rhythmic activity for the unfoldment of the Divine Plan through the 10 Seed (Service) Groups. The seed groups have literally been the creative source for both individuals and groups in the social, cultural, diplomatic, scientific, and economic sectors. They represent new modes of communication and are the foundation for the next civilization in the coming Aquarian Era.  

With transformation happening within each seed group, the result will eventually be a paradigm shift in consciousness where the direction of humanity will be reoriented towards a mental “mindful understanding”, instead of the current reactive “emotional-astral”. This is a subjective influence on the inner landscape, which you the Lightworker can personally facilitate.

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    Hi Margene. Thanks for you comment. Wondering what specifically about my blog that touched you? Did some idea or concept particularly appeal to you, or even clarify something? I strive to be as clear as I can with the teachings.

    If you like what I wrote, please spread the word. I’m interested in people engaging with the teachings. David H.

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