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Glossary of Esoteric Thought

For those studying the Trans-Himalayan Teachings, the Glossary of Esoteric Thought is a must have companion to understanding the complexities of esoteric terminology.  This book offers clear and succinct descriptions of some of the most often used and mis-understood words and phrases. Some of the subjects covered, include: the Soul, Esoteric Psychology, Initiation, Solar Angel, Universal Laws, Laws of Soul, Purification, Sanskrit terms, Mantrams – Affirmations, the Mind, Thoughtform building, Mental techniques, and much more.

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  1. Keith

    Mr. Hopper has done a great service for both the esoteric and exoteric communities by providing this Glossary for terms which are often used but rarely accurately defined. Understanding the written or spoken word must begin with an explanation of what our words actually mean and how they can be appropriately used in the context of our discussions and writings and in our teachings. As Wittgenstein said, “The limits of language are the limits of my world.” The author permits us to expand our world by helping us precisely and meticulously decode the language we so frequently (and sometimes imprecisely) bandy about.

  2. Loretta Letendre

    Dear friends, I purchased “Glossary of Esoteric Thought” as a compilation to my esoteric library. At times the subject matter can seem overwhelming and complex, bound in archaic language. I was very pleased to find David Hopper’s book an excellent source of reference that seemed to connect the dots of my scattered knowledge. I recommend this glossary for all students of esotericism. Those who are fast approaching the Wisdom Teachings will find this an invaluable aid that clearly states the “A, B, C’s” of occultism. (Loretta Letendre, student, Morya Federation)

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