The Way to Soul Consciousness (Podcast episodes)

As we set out to discover the many ways the Soul expresses in our lives, we come to understand on a deeper level that we are on a spiritual path. This is the path of the Spirit, which is continually unfolding and answering the questions of Who and what we are, and What is our purpose? To get to this awareness, you the spiritual seeker must redeem or purify anything in his consciousness that blocks you from direct knowledge for becoming the “knower”. The Soul, acting as an intermediary helps with that purification.

When you are able to connect with the Soul and allow its higher vibrations to transform your personality, you can then make spiritual progress. Using suggested mental techniques, you are encouraged to become the one who “knows” about energy (thoughts and emotion) and force (use of the will). By becoming observant and mindful you prepare yourself for “consciously” moving into a higher spiritual space. Working with your Soul a balance is achieved between the mental, emotional, and physical vehicles. A detailed description is provided on how to integrate the human personality with the Soul as a major step in realizing the Divine within….The techniques discussed are designed to be practical to use in your everyday life.

Subjective Influences through the 10 Seed / Service Groups
Series was held from September 2021 – June 2022

In this overview, each of the 10 Seed Groups will be examined in how, at their core, they helping to transform humanity with a profound spiritual message. With the guidance of subjective energies from the inner planes, men and women of goodwill everywhere are helping to implement and facilitate a “Great Transformation” as we move towards the coming Aquarian Age. Discussion on the Seed Groups will be supplemented with background on the Plan, Hierarchal Conclaves, Stage of the Forerunner, Discipleship and how crisis, tension, and the concept purification provides the seeds for positive change and spiritual opportunity for all humanity.

10 Seed (Service) Groups
Subjective Influence of 4 Seed (Service) Groups [2019]

Journey of the Soul
Series was held from October 2020 to March 2021

As we set out to discover the many ways the Soul expresses in our lives, we come to understand on a deeper level that we are on a spiritual path. This is the path of the Spirit, which is continually unfolding and answering the questions of Who and what we are, and What is our purpose?

Possible Topics for Classes

  1. Role of Observer

In this presentation, we will explore the interior landscape of our consciousness and learn that you are the observer and not the just an “unconscious” participant in your reality. From this vantage point, we will learn the higher purpose of the Wisdom teachings as taught by all the great sages and mystics and why they emphasize the necessity for going within.  Looking at crisis and evolution in Spirit, in our minds and society, we will understand how evolution is tied to human nature. We will contrast the difference between human free-choice and the greater spiritual will while following a spiritual path.

  1. Nine Stages of Meditation

There are numerous paths of self discovery that lead to a union with God and the divine. Meditation is one such path. Today we will explore the various stages of meditation as set down by the ancient traditions in India and Tibet. There are 9 distinct stages, which can still find resonance here in our 21st century lives. Also to be discussed will include the stages of discipleship, initiation and the importance of the yoga sutras, the power of thought and prayer, the power of mantrams, affirmations and invocations.

  1. 7RC Bldg Purpose & Intentionality into a Spiritual Practice

From his book book:  “The Soul Source – A Primer for Living as a Soul.”, David describes  the evolution of consciousness and the importance of each of the three aspects that make up a spiritual practice, i.e. meditation, spiritual study, and service – and their significance. He will discuss how energy, force and “spiritual tension” from the Soul works in a spiritual practice. This understanding is crucial for the consciously aware server when he or she is wanting to set purpose and intentionality in a practice for carrying out his part of the Plan, and the needs of the greater Group.

  1. 7RC Calling Soul to Service Talk

In the esoteric wisdom tradition, there are 3 distinct paths which make up a viable spiritual practice: e.g.  meditation, spiritual study and service. In today’s talk, David will be talking about the nature of service – of what it is and is not is not.  We will learn that service is not just performing altruistic acts to help others in need and why service must not be performed from the personality’s point of view, but instead with a firm Soul connection. From an esoteric perspective,  this involves going within and becoming the observer to know yourself. In this workshop, we will explore different types of service and learn how a spiritual practice can aid you in your service work. Other topics discussed will be on learning what  is the quality of your consciousness when you are engaged in service activities and the nature of goodwill. David will discuss how to prepare for service in the mental, emotional and physical vehicles; learn about challenges to Soul contact while engaged in service, and about spiritual activism. We will also discuss the use of the Great Invocation as a spiritual tool for service.

  1. 10 Service Groups

For almost a century, the Hierarchy and the Ashrams have been influencing disciples and Service workers around the world with ideas and impressions. Their objective is to bring about cohesion and rhythmic activity for the unfoldment of the Divine Plan through the 10 Service Groups. The Service groups represent new modes of communication and  have literally been the creative source for both individuals and groups in the social, political, cultural, scientific, and economic sectors of the world civilization.

Increasingly, with the Service workers practicing cooperation and goodwill in all they do, this is moving society towards practicing right human relations. Eventually, the result will be a paradigm shift in consciousness where the direction of humanity will be reoriented towards a mental “mindful understanding” instead of the current reactive “emotional-astral”. This is a subjective influence on the inner planes, which you the Lightworker can personally facilitate.

  1. Journey of the Soul (2020)…..6 part course, or overview in one 90 minute per session.

Topics Covered:

  • Evolution of Consciousness;
  • Human Constitution: Our Make Up;
  • Our 3 major Divine Aspects;
  • The Spiritual Path of Liberation;
  • Become Observer and Identify with

    True/Spiritual Self;

  • Meditation: Right use of Mind, and

    Right thoughtform Building;

  • Need for Purification;
  • Stages of Personal Evolution;
  • Setting Up a Spiritual Practice;
  • Wisdom from Spiritual Poetry / Cinema;
  1. Importance of Service

Topics Covered:

  • What is the Soul and its characteristics?
  • What is the nature of service?
  • What are the prerequisites to service?
  • What is your motivation to service?
  • What are the different types of service?
  • If you are living as a Soul engaging in service, what does your life look like?
  • How can a defined spiritual practice aid you in your service work?
  1. Learning to be a Soul
  • The Spiritual Path: We will discuss the various stages of the Path, including the difference between the Mystical and Esoteric paths; the Requirements – disciplines, hindrances and tests; What is meant by “ Soul Urge?”
  • The Power of Thought: This is a topic often overlooked or not addressed. We will talk about purpose and building of thoughtforms; Right use of thought and appropriate focus of mind; Telepathy and Impressions and their purpose with the spiritual path.
  • Meditation – Topics covered: Different states and purpose in Meditation; Difference from prayer; Expression of Will and Purpose; Transition to the next step or reaching plateaus; Use of triangles and the power of mantrams or invocations, for example use of the Great Invocation; Power of group and Full Moon meditations.