about me?

Expanding Consciousness through Sacred teachings

Hello, I'm David E Hopper

David E. Hopper has been a student of esotericism, also known as the Sacred Teachings or Ageless Wisdom, since 1980. He has presented to groups expressing various forms of the Wisdom Teachings in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Russia. 

He completed the Arcane School in 2009 through the Lucis Trust. Currently, David serves as a faculty member for the Morya Federation:  http://www.moryafederation.net, an online Esoteric school.  He has presented a 6-part course on the “Journey of the Soul” through Zoom and the “Subjective Influences of the 10 Seed (Service) Groups”. Course materials can be viewed at: https://www.makara.us/portal/?page_id=838 He makes regular presentations at the Seven Ray Conference: https://sevenray.org in the Spring. 

Since 2015, he has published  four books: “The Soul Source – A Primer for Living as a Soul”, “Subjective Influences of the 10 Seed (Service) Groups”, “Glossary of Esoteric Thought” and “The Way to Soul Consciousness”.  Each of these books are for sale on this website. Through the Lucis Trust, he has published articles  on topics related to the Ageless Wisdom.

The “Soul Source” provides a clear insight into the nature of the Soul and setting up a Spiritual Practice and living as a Soul. The book on the “10 Seed (Service) Groups” provides an understanding on the primary groups, e.g. political, scientific, educational, religious, healing, financial services, etc. that make up our civilization and their spiritual potential.  The “Glossary of Esoteric Thought” is an excellent resource for students of the Trans-Himalayan Teachings for understanding the complex terminology of esoteric topics. “The Way to Soul Consciousness” is a concise description of how to integrate the human personality with the Soul, and thus facilitate personal evolution.

More recently, he has created a podcast series on “The Way to Soul Consciousness”. The link to this series is posted under the “Classes: tab.

Other interests involve traveling, hiking, bicycle riding, watching movies with spiritual themes and talking to anyone on subjects that expresses and fosters goodwill and awareness, especially relating to international affairs.