Subjective Influences through the 10 Seed Groups
By David E. Hopper

Subjective Influences

For over a century, the Hierarchy and the Ashrams have been influencing Initiates, disciples, aspirants, the men and women comprising the New Group of World Servers, around the world with ideas and impressions. Their objective is to bring about cohesion and rhythmic activity for the unfoldment of the Divine Plan through the 10 Seed Groups. The Tibetan indicates that they represent new modes of communication and have literally been the creative source for both individuals and groups in the social, political, cultural, scientific, and economic sectors of the world civilization.

During this time of transition in moving towards the Aquarian Age, those who are participating in world transformation include the New Group of World Servers. They must rely on their ability to invoke thoughtforms, ideas, and impressions by turning them into creative solutions that aids in the redemption and upliftment of humanity. They acknowledge the existence of the “me versus them” separative mindset that has persisted over the centuries. Interestingly, with their outpouring of light, love and the will to good through a myriad of service activities and the use of Triangles, a near constant friction in the political, social, cultural, and economic sectors is present. Friction here is represented in the form of the New Group of World Servers presenting higher values that counter those that are selfish and narrow.

This friction has manifested in how people perceive their world, how they relate to others, and the environment. These are all subjective energies! But in the last several generations, the New Group of World Servers, is rapidly moving humanity from a “me only” mentality towards a “we-group-community” understanding. They have implemented this concept by invoking and evoking new ideas that are helping to guide humanity in seeing the limitations of selfishness, greed, bigotry, materialism, and all its manifestation to create a new, spiritually oriented civilization based on right human relations. They typically embrace the concepts of goodwill, cooperation, understanding, tolerance, and “we will work it out – together” attitude.

Throughout this article, there are two themes for the reader to keep in mind:

  • First, that we are being called by our Soul and the Hierarchy to know purpose in all that we do in our lives. That a major task is for the aspirant to become “consciously aware” in all that he does and thinks.
  • Second, to enable right human relations. What is right human relations?: 

From Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 647, the Tibetan says:

“Right human  relations” is not simply goodwill….it is a product or result of goodwill  and the instigator of constructive changes between  individuals, communities and nations.”

In essence, it is the result of practiced love and acceptance among people, groups, and nations.

The Great Transition

Humanity is in the throes of a great transition, which will herald a new and evolutionary shift in individual human consciousness. It marks a move towards greater group awareness represented by the Aquarian principle and influence of sharing. With the two great Ages of Pisces and Aquarius overlapping each other, we are now at the midway point of this transition. Nearing the actual Aquarian Age, we are entering the last years of the  “Stage of the Forerunner,” which will last until approximately 2025. The Stage is all about increased activity on the inner planes between the Hierarchy, New Group of World Servers, and Initiates leading up to 2025. Around that date, the Tibetan Djwhal Kuhl said the Hierarchy will meet in Conclave to discuss the next stage of evolution for Humanity and the first stages of the Externalization of the Hierarchy and for the Reappearance of the Christ for the World Teacher. Keep in mind that the Externalization and the Reappearance is in fact an externalization of higher Soul values, such  as cooperation, inclusiveness and goodwill working out through the 10 Seed Groups.

Powerful Subjective Influences

Through the activities of the New Group of World Servers, they have been setting the stage for perhaps the most powerful subjective influence, emanating from the coming of the “World Teacher”, or as many of the great religions refer to as the “Coming One”. This Being is said to be taking the 7th Initiation, which is in meditation with the Planetary and Solar Logos.

In different cultures He is referred to the Imam Madhi, Lord Maitreya, the “World Teacher”, or the Christ. It’s the same Great Being. Keep in mind that although the Christ is supposed to be

taking the 7th Initiation, He has never left the planet, and still exerts a tremendous influence on the lower 49 subplanes. When He does return, He and the Hierarchy will come as guides for Humanity, and not as savior. Upon the Externalization and the Reappearance, the Tibetan says:

“They will be the business executives in our great cities; they will carry forward our political programs; they will lead the young along the paths of right education; they will control our economic, social and national destinies.”

Intellect to Intuition, p. 265

New Group Of World Servers

Who are they? Previously, the New Group of World Servers represent the men/women of Goodwill in all nations and cultures. In the early part of the 20th Century, the Masters noted there were numerous groups and workers around the world working in a service capacity. As a result of the Conclave of 1925 they decided, at the Ashramic level, that the New Group of World Servers should initially move into becoming a cohesive group in carrying out the Plan.

What do they do? A major function of the New Group of World Servers is to act as the bridge between Humanity, Hierarchy, and the Ashrams. While doing this, they invoke thoughtforms, ideas, and impressions from Higher sources and turn them into creative solutions that aids in the redemption and upliftment of humanity. The New Group of World Servers are called the hands and feet of the Hierarchy, and they spiritualize the thought life for each of the 10 Seed Groups and act as a synthesizing factor for establishing right human relations, particularly in the lower 18 subplanes. It should be noted that each individual server, and members of the myriad of groups serving exoterically are also evolving and purifying their own lower nature. From this, we can see the goal of human evolution, and what is called the “Spiritual Path” is ultimately infusing an  “upgrade” of  higher energies from the Spiritual Triad For example:

Atma  replaces:   Physical / Etheric

Buddhi replaces:  Emotional / Astral

Manas replaces:  Mental / Concrete Mind

This “upgrade” via Soul intention ultimately results in crisis, opportunity and initiation.

What is the Divine Plan?

Beyond all activities on the lower 49 planes of the Cosmic Physical Plane, there is a Divine Plan which gives purpose for Humanity’s evolution. From A Treatise on White Magic, 403, the Tibetan said:

“The Plan is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which…will reveal to man the true significance of his mind and brain, and make him the master of that equipment.”  

Although we cannot know the Plan directly until we achieve the 3rd initiation, we at least know that the Plan gives mankind purpose, vision and serves as a blueprint for evolution of the lower 4 kingdoms. For those who can transcend their Personality inclinations, such as through meditation, the Plan allows one to have a direct experience of relationships to greater Beings than ourselves. To have this perception we must transcend anything that inhibits our direct capacity for knowing.

Influence of the 3 Planetary Centers

There are 3 major Aspects that act as influence and guide on the Hierarchy and Humanity:

  1. Will (Purpose) from Shamballa, 
  2. Hierarchy (Love)
  3. Humanity (Activity or Active Intelligence).

The three centers are closely interrelated and as a whole represent “Divine Livingness”.

Keep in mind:

  •  Christ and the Buddha act as influences from beyond the lower 49 planes.
  •  Shamballa – Represents Will, Purpose, and Synthesis….that purpose is focused as one great tension of Will, Love and Active Intelligence.
  •  Hierarchy – As Custodian of the Plan, They receive and interpret the Plan as Will, stepped down from Shamballa.
  •  Humanity – The New Group of World Servers act as intermediaries between Hierarchy and Humanity for implementing the Plan.

The right use of these energies will positively effect change and behaviors of leaders in government, industry, education and those with influence in the economic sector.  In essence, all departments of society will be effected.

Esoteric and Exoteric Expression of the 10 Seed Groups

As an impulse of Evolution, the Seed Groups were first defined in the early 1930s as a long term experiment by the Hierarchy. The word “Seed” is important as it is the Ashram that “seeds” or communicates the essence of what a specific group does and will become. This endeavor is intended to implement a long range plan by the Hierarchy for creating 9 external Seed Groups corresponding to those already existing in Ashrams. Seed Group 10 was added later as a “Synthesizer” with the other 9.

The Hierarchy intends that each Group becomes a magnetic and focal point of energy with the intent of creating that same energy on the physical plane. The New Group of World Servers subjectively transforms civilization with the objective of impressing the Plan on leaders of the 10 Seed Groups. Their subjective influence brings cohesion and rhythmic activity for the unfoldment of each  group. Eventually, their work will establish each group as powerful focal points for revitalization of the etheric body of Humanity and the planet.

The Hierarchy established each of the Groups as magnetic and focal points of energy with the intent of creating that same energy on the physical plane. It should be pointed out that the 10 Seed Groups already exist on the physical plane, but have yet to fully implement the higher Ashramic purpose and intention. Currently, the New Group of World Servers is active in the Social, Political, Cultural, Healing, Educational, Scientific, and Economic fields.

The following is a description of each of the 10 groups and what they are destined to become in the New Age.

Seed Group 1 Telepathic Communicators

The Telepathic Communicators are the custodians of Group Purpose through the Mental  plane by sending and receiving ideas and impressions using the mind from the Master. Their work involves transcending speech between individuals and groups so that a new way of communication can be brought about.

In essence, their work has the goal of changing the direction of thoughts from the lower 18 subplanes to the energies of the Spiritual Triad. As an example in our current world, they hold the higher concept of right relationship working out between men and women, which helps overcome the issue of sexual harassment. Steven Dinan, the CEO of The Shift Network brought this up in a recent talk when he discussed the “noble masculine”, which the man sees himself as supporting Higher values for the good of the greater group.

The Telepathic Communicator influences “leading people” in all professions. He aligns with the Soul, invokes and attracts details of the Plan into his field of consciousness.

“Group One can telepathically influence leading people and speak to their minds so that they may be impressed with the need which has been described by one of the Great Ones as “the loving salvage of the world.” They must be led to realize that their policies must be determined by world good. “  Externalization of Hierarchy, p. 64

When engaging in this type of activity, it is wise to maintain the highest point of contact with the Soul as possible, for guidance. The man who is truly telepathic knows that the intuition should be developed to allow for clear communication and direct knowledge. From this, his Personality must become decentralized and allow him to be sensitive to impressions coming from the Soul, a Master, or from the world of the intuition.

Seed Group 2 – Trained Observers

The primary objective of the Trained Observer is to dispel glamour and illusion on the astral plane. They will bring “light into dark places”. This allows the “truth” and events to be clearly seen and known and is closely connected with the Hierarchy’s task of dissipation of world illusion. For the average person, the astral plane is real and becomes an obstacle in allowing energies from the plane of the Soul or the Hierarchy, from reaching the mind of man. A good example of a Trained Observer in today’s world is the activity of the Journalist whether by broadcast or print media.

 Keep in mind that the astral plane, like a thick fog, is made up of the energies of glamour and illusion. This fog can be penetrated with a bright light of the Soul which transfers into direct knowledge, truth, understanding, and right interpretation. The Trained Observer then radiates the “truth” into the plane of illusion and glamour releasing the thoughtforms of separatism that currently exists in the global media.

The Trained Observer must be able to extract himself from the events and occurrences of the lower 18 subplanes. He employs “right observation” of events and situations by withdrawing himself from the “center of activity”. For this activity, the Trained Observer needs to develop the esoteric sense. That is, have the ability to simultaneously “live as a Soul in the world”, while not being identified or attached to the things of the physical plane.

When connecting with the Soul, the Trained Observer will use his abstract mind for connecting with the Buddhic or Plane of Intuition. This is a highly developed occult sense of seeing and knowing. This plane pours forth light and brings illumination to mankind. For the Observer, intuitive perception is based on direct knowledge and the use of telepathy for receiving impressions. If the Lightworker has telepathy functioning, the intuitive faculty is facilitated. The Observer can then act as a  communication link between the plane of illumination and pure reason from the Buddhic Plane, and the plane of illusion and  glamour from the Astral plane.

Seed Group 3 – Magnetic Healers

The Tibetan tells us that healers of the New Age will not be like what we have today. When working with a disease, the Magnetic Healer transmits healing energy from the Soul’s “living force“ directly into the patient. The Magnetic Healer can also work on Mental levels by telepathically conveying illumination (Buddhi) to the patient for dispelling illusion. These both have the effect of working with the causes of a disease and not the outer effects.

The Magnetic Healer facilitates healing of the personality by working subjectively with the vital forces, pranic or life energies in the etheric or vital bodies for dissipating disease and healing the break between the human and deva kingdoms.

For healing at the Group level, the Magnetic Healer must identify in consciousness with the Hierarchy of Masters in group formation and not as a separate individual. This will enable coordination  and healing of the Group-patient to allow the Group to become an instrument for a distribution of energy.

Seed Group 4 – Educators in the New Age

Future Educators will teach how to become a transmitter for the two aspects of divine energy, namely knowledge and wisdom of what civilization has to offer.

Their initial objective will be to prepare people for esoteric training, developing higher values, such as cooperation, goodwill. In addition, the Educators goals will be to teach peace and to bridge the gap between the lower mind and the Soul.

Esoteric education would train the student in knowing that it is the Soul who is the motivating influence behind all events, and how he must integrate with it. A higher objective of the Educator will be to build the Antahkarana for linking the higher mind of the personality with the Soul into a functioning and integrated whole.  This will help establish a group Antahkarana between man’s mental plane and the Hierarchy.

New Age Education will work along the lines of culture and provide character building and the meaning of right human relations from birth. The individual will practice self-discipline and learn about the right application of energy and personal Will as a force.

The student will learn how to appropriately deal with and learn to transmute the energies of fear, anger, and selfish behavior. Besides academic and intellectual training, education must prepare youth in transcending anything that causes separation between people.

Education should teach the individual to develop a sense of synthesis with all Humanity. This will be the understanding of the bonds of relationship, first to know his immediate family, then his vision should extend to embracing the larger community, nation, and eventually all Humanity. This will develop a broader understanding and meaning of good citizenship.

Seed Group 5 – Political Observers

The Tibetan describes them as “Organizers”, inferring that workers in this group will facilitate “right” political and social order within civilization through the expression of the Will, an aspect of Shamballa. Both Shamballa and Hierarchy impress the energy of Will mainly with group energy under the Laws of Service and Group Progress. Their objective is to bring about cohesive relationships between nations for demonstrating how the Divine Will works out in consciousness. Obviously this requires much wisdom on Their part, as impressions must always be impersonal, to allow mankind to retain freewill.

The Political Organizers strive to make mankind aware that it is collectively part of the One Humanity, irrespective of nation, race, color, language, or stage of evolutionary Path. With the incoming 7th Ray energies of synergy, international unity will come about between groups or nations through practiced cooperation and goodwill.  Success with this group will also depend on the work of the Educators.

At much higher levels of consciousness, the Hierarchal department of the Manu oversees Government in Humanity, while the Mahachohan oversees “Civilization”. Both of these entities provide a higher “inspired” pattern of the Plan to be imposed upon the lower 18 subplanes for bringing about change within civilization.

The role of the statesman underscores the need for having vision and a capacity for rising above partisanship for representing the higher ideal for the welfare of its citizens. Holding the theme of Unity and Oneness is primary. Themes of Unity and Oneness are primary as he disassociates himself from the narrow-mindedness of nationalism.

Most governments have typically been setup with an individual at the top as a politician and caretaker who sets the tone and agenda for his or her nation, irrespective of the type of government. What makes a person a statesman?  A true statesmen would most likely be a high functioning disciple or Initiate of some degree and would be able to simultaneously see the big picture and have a vision of the Plan, and how their country fits, and has the will for enacting great change within society.

James Freeman Clarke said about Politicians and Statesmen:

“The difference between a politician and a statesmen, is that the politician thinks about the next elections, whereas the statesman thinks about the next generations.”

In the last 75 years, we have seen people such as Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gobachev, Franklin Roosevelt, and Churchill to name a few who had a positive transformative influence on the international stage.

On a national level the Statesman senses the Soul of the nation and this gives him the capacity for bringing the diverse forces of politics, finance, culture, education, science, and religion into a higher realization.

Seed Group 6 – Workers in the Field of Religion

In Problems of Humanity, p. 124, Alice A. Bailey wrote:

“ Churchmen need to remember that the human spirit is greater than the churches and greater than their teaching…Christ does not need prelates and executives…He needs humane teachers.“

Centuries ago, the world’s main religions were founded by great Teachers who appeared for a particular race or region of the world. Among the greatest Teachers were the Christ and Buddha and thousands of other Mystics, Sages, and Initiates of all faiths. In retrospect, their teachings  inspired all that is great in the human spirit through literature, the arts, science, philosophies and their  untold influence in all levels of human activity.

On another note, due to arrogance, narrow-mindedness, selfishness, and mistruths, religions have caused great wars, in-fighting in communities, and certainly represent division and separation. This is the opposite of what their originating founders had envisioned.

The Spirit of God is both Immanent, i.e. Present in our Awareness and Transcendent i.e. capable of connecting with Higher Planes. These two concepts can be known by seeing the Divine quality of forces in nature and Humanity. Servers will understand the basics of how energy and force interact in our world through people and the environment. Through this understanding, humanity as a whole will be seen as a complete expression of Divinity.

Religion in the New Age will revolve around man’s desire to understand the Divine Life by subjectively Approaching and seeking an at-onement with it. This will be enabled through a deeper connection with the Soul.

With the various religions, workers will choose to emphasize unity and the fellowship of Spirit by seeking common ground and establishing cohesion through universal values. This builds bridges and leads to service working out in their local communities, and the world. Eventually, their work will provide a universal platform for the foundation for the New World Religion, which will be founded upon Unity and the Fellowship of Spirit, Spiritual Freedom, Spiritual Love, Fact of God Immanent, Fact of Immortality.  With the coming of the New World Religion, they will all blend because the “Coming One” will NOT be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or from Islam, but He will belong to all people – everywhere.

Seed Group 7 – Scientific Observers

Scientific Observers apply a mental understanding of universal concepts and the laws of nature. When the building forces of the universe are better understood, Scientists are able to bridge to the abstract mind, connect with the Buddhic – Intuitional Plane and acknowledge the factual existence of the Soul and etheric body. The scientist will act as a communicator between the human spirit and the energies and forces, which make up forms.

Using etheric vision by seeing subjectively, scientists will be able to see how the deva kingdom makes up forms and how they build. With this discovery, the Scientific Observers will relate the subhuman kingdoms with the human kingdom through an understanding of how various forces and energies work together.

They will study reincarnation and the Law of Rebirth and how it relates to the transformation of forms. They will study the motivating energy that penetrates the outer form and the One who creates the new forms as an expression of the inflowing spiritual life.

Seed Group 8 – Psychologists

The major task for Psychologists in the New Age will be concerned with the revelation of the Soul, leading to our revelation of Divinity in Humanity.

Psychologists will act as transmitters of ideas, to show how the Plan appears to be working out in the five kingdoms in nature. They will:

  • Study the relationships between the three subhuman kingdoms (Mineral, Plant, and Animal) in nature and HOW the human kingdom functions midway between them.
  • Studies of the Soul and intelligence will find there is subjective consciousness and communication found in all forms in nature and an interplay between these forms, through the medium of the Soul.  This type of work will establish a collaboration of experts from Science, Educators, and Telepathic Communicators.

Note, the Psychologists will work 1 on 1 with individuals or groups, whereas the Seed Group-1 Telepathic Communicators work intelligently with ideas through writing or broadcast media.

Preparation for becoming a Psychologist will emphasize developing a “Soul Awareness” and what is constituted as “right” reaction to the energy in any form, whether between individuals, groups and the subhuman kingdoms. They will understand the qualities of energy and force of ideas and the flow of light…..and that it is the Soul and its interactions, which characterizes the different groups.

As healers of the individual psyche, The Psychologist-therapist will help the patient overcome any psychological impediments that block Soul integration or their capacity for service. This will lead to right character building. As a therapist, the Psychologist will arrive at an understanding of how forces and thoughtforms affect the human mind and cause  psychological imbalance, such as in the etheric and astral bodies.

From a strictly healing consideration, the Psychologist and Magnetic Healer could collaborate as they have the following in common:

  • The recognition that healing energies come from Soul and the plane of Intuition;
  • Facilitate healing of the personality and physical-etheric form by working with the vital forces of the etheric body.

Seed Group 9 – Financiers / Economists

We don’t know what currency will be in the New Age, but the Financial Service Group (as the Tibetan also calls it) will work with the Aquarian principle of sharing at the Soul level. The principle  of “sharing” revolves around the sharing of material wealth, money, and resources. They will see money as a valuable potential energy to be shared for the benefit of all humanity, and know it has little to do with the form side….appropriately and not squandered or deflected for personal or selfish purposes.

With the coming New Age, they will directionalize money, resources, and commerce to create an economic system to facilitate equality and abundance. The issue is not just about distribution of funds and resources, but to invest in and create more wealth or abundance in a responsible and non-reckless manner.

In today’s world, there is a possible seed for the future for how wealth is used through:

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ( works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. In developing countries, it focuses on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty.
  • The Responsible Wealth Project ( is made up of business leaders, investors, and inheritors who believe that “growing inequality is not in their best interest, nor in the best interest  of society”.

In the New Age, all people will be recognized for their worth and what they can contribute to society. With a strong set of spiritual principles and values as a guide, no one would fall through the cracks, such as the homeless, disenfranchised and underemployed. Monies could be allocated for education and training to provide right intellectual development of each individual to participate in society. When the economy is organized based on a sound spiritual basis, unemployment would end and all commerce and business transactions will be conducted with integrity, accountability, and transparency.

Additionally, the Financial Service Group will have the responsibility for holding the attitude of establishing peace and eliminating the causes of war. This can be done by directing monies away from war-making industries towards more humanitarian pursuits, such as investment in education, eliminating poverty, and making healthcare and medicine available for all.

Seed Group 10 – Creative Workers

The Creative Workers are concerned with relating the other nine seed groups into creative expression on the physical plane. In today’s world, they are closely related to the ninth group the Financiers/Economists who are bringing about the concretization of the energy of desire, i.e. the working out of a thoughtform “physically” unto the outer plane. This is the energy that brings about the materialization of things  and allows the work of the Hierarchy to be brought to Humanity.

This group is also known as the “great synthesizer“ thereby allowing the Divine Plan to materialize through the other 9 Seed Groups. In their process, they link and blend life and form creatively by synthesizing words, color, music and sculptured forms from many diverse sources to create manifestations of beauty. Exoterically, the group creates literature, art, music, and designs across a myriad of professions and seed groups.


It is important for the reader to know there is a thoughtform for showing “Divine purpose” in all that we do. It is the members of the New Group of World Servers and the men and women of goodwill that must see, understand and identify with the flows of energy and force in ourselves and our world to initiate change. We must become the change we want to see happen in the world. This means a measure of purification must happen within ourselves.

It does not take much to see there is a breakdown and shift happening on both the inner and outer planes and that all servers must be present and play their role. This is a call and an appeal to act and recognize the higher purpose and see it as clearly as possible. It is incumbent for the servers to use their creative energies for building the true and the beautiful inserting right human relations into all activities and relationships, across all groups.

We’ve examined subjective influences from Shamballa, Hierarchy, the Christ to the New Group of World Servers in service work. We are currently in what is called the Stage of the Forerunner, which leads up to the Conclave of 2025. With an awareness of the existence of the Plan, this can provide purpose for guiding Humanity as we transform ourselves for the coming New Age.

With this overview of the 10 Seed Groups, these descriptions are mostly what the Tibetan foresaw and what they are intended to become in the New Age. From our perspective, they are ideals. Some are already visible, most of it is still quite far off. We realize that most of us cannot be concerned with directly implementing right human relations or even establishing the requirements for the New Civilization. The challenge for the New Group of World Servers is to be focused with their service work and the furthering of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, but at the same time, be open to “impulses” and “impressions” from the Hierarchy.

  • How do individuals orient themselves and move to the next level of systemic thinking? It is recommended to do this through those spokespersons who can communicate the higher ideals and values without getting lost in partisan politics. This obviously requires a measure of dispassion and detachment.
  • Ask: “Am I part of the warring ideologies?”….Or, “can I move past any partisan mindsets?” When division is present, we shut ourselves off from 2nd Ray Soul expression of love-wisdom and are NOT practicing harmlessness or right human relations.
  • Can we become subtle and physical plane activists to engage life and its challenges in an effort to influence the overt glamour or illusion towards change in bringing people and groups together?

As members of the New Group of World Servers, our place in evolution is to shift what is happening in the collective by allowing for the creative intelligence to flow through us in powerful ways. This can be our contribution.

So what’s next? Group healing or separatism? This mindset applies to all Seed Groups, regardless of culture. We are awakening to a coherent group field and are motivated by higher purpose. We are planetary co-creators living in a quantum potential. We are living on an evolutionary edge – a “Planetary Culture of Wisdom and Peace” is our potential. Together as a group, in touch with at least a sense of the Plan, we can dispel disharmony wherever it is.

This gives light to the dawning of a new day.

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