Subjective Influences through the 10 Seed Groups

Humanity is in the midst of a great transition that will herald a new and evolutionary shift in individual human consciousness from astral tendencies to realizing our deepest spiritual nature. This marks a move towards greater group awareness represented by the Aquarian principle and the influence of sharing. With the two great Ages of Pisces and Aquarius overlapping each other, we are now at the midway point of this transition.

For over a century, the Hierarchy and Ashrams have been subjectively influencing Lightworkers around the world with ideas and impressions. As custodians of the Divine Plan, their purpose is to bring about cohesion and rhythmic activity for the unfoldment of the Plan through the 10 Seed Groups. The seed groups as the Tibetan calls them represent new modes of communication and have been the creative source for both individuals and groups in the social, political, cultural, scientific, and economic sectors of the world civilization. The term Lightworkers is a shorthand that includes New Group of World Servers, and the men/women of goodwill.

A major function of the Lightworkers is to act as the bridge between Humanity, Hierarchy and the Ashrams. While doing this, they invoke thoughtforms, ideas, and impressions from Higher sources and turn them into creative solutions that aids in the redemption and upliftment of humanity. The Lightworkers called the ‘hands and feet of the Hierarchy’, “spiritualize the thought life” for each of the 10 Seed Groups and act as a synthesizing factor for establishing right human relations, particularly in the lower 18 subplanes.

The Divine Plan stands as the preeminent blueprint for evolution of life on Earth. The Hierarchy  steps down the Plan via impressions to give us a blueprint for spiritual values and ethical leadership, although they are never imposed. In a worldly context, this becomes a teaching on the value of right human relations and harmlessness. Man must determine for himself both individually and at a group level how it is carried out. While all the major religions represent a moral authority for the majority of humanity, their guidance and leadership has not brought us a happier and peaceful world. Indeed, over the centuries much of their actions have caused great divisiveness, hatred and separation. If we are to make the transition from conflict and separation to shared oneness, then a common vision that embraces everyone is required.

The Plan allows Lightworkers to have a direct experience of relationships to greater Beings than themselves. It gives mankind purpose, vision and serves as a blueprint for evolution of the lower 4 kingdoms. In a broad sense, the Hierarchy in carrying out the Plan has at least two great objectives.

  1. Lightworkers are being called by the Soul and the Hierarchy to know purpose in all that they do in their lives. A major task is for the disciple to become “consciously aware” in all that he does and thinks. This manifests in his life to identify and dispel all glamours and illusions within himself and moving humanity towards unity and oneness.
  2. To enable right human relations. What is right human relations?

From Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 647, the Tibetan says:

“Right human  relations” is not simply goodwill….it is a product or result of goodwill  and the instigator of constructive changes between individuals, communities and nations.”

In essence, right human relations is the result of practiced love and acceptance among  groups, and nations. It is an acknowledgement of the innate oneness we share with each other. The aspirants, Lightworkers, and Initiates, are working at making this happen through the 10 Seed Groups.

Subjective Influences

Through their activities, the Hierarchy and the Lightworkers have been setting the stage for perhaps the most powerful subjective influence, emanating from the coming of the “World Teacher”, or as many of the great religions refer to as the “Coming One”. In different cultures He is referred as the Imam Madhi, Lord Maitreya, the “World Teacher”, or the Christ. He is the same Great Being. Keep in mind that although the Christ is taking the 7th Initiation, who we understand has never left the planet, and still exerts a tremendous influence on the lower 49 subplanes. When the Hierarchy and Christ return, they will come as guides for Humanity, and not as savior.

There are 3 major centers and aspects that influence and guide the Hierarchy and Humanity. Together, they represent “Divine Livingness”.

Center Aspect Expression
Shamballa Will, Synthesis and Purpose That purpose is focused as one great tension of Will, Love and Active Intelligence.
Hierarchy Love As custodian of the Plan, they receive and interpret the Plan as Will, stepped down from Shamballa.
Humanity Active Intelligence Lightworkers act as intermediaries between Hierarchy and Humanity for implementing the Plan.

Beyond the lower 49 planes, the Christ and the Buddha also act as influences. The right use of these energies will positively effect change and behaviors of leaders in government and those with influence in all departments of civilization.

New World Vision

Looking back at the world order in the last century, there have been numerous examples of authoritarian and totalitarian inclinations, even by the democracies. Although a relative peace exists in most parts of the world, governments and nations still act separately and often unilaterally causing disruption and upsetting possibilities for a lasting peace. What is missing is a world unifying vision that embraces all peoples from all nations and cultures. Over the last two centuries scholars, visionaries and statesmen have put forth many utopian ideas and idealistic forms of government, but virtually all of them have been impractical and do not last for the long term. The 10 Seed Groups contain a kernel of possibility and potential for world transformation.

The 10 Seed Groups

As an impulse of evolution, they were first defined in the early 1930s by the Tibetan as a long term experiment by the Hierarchy. The word “Seed” is important as it is the Ashram that “seeds” or communicates the essence of what a specific group does and will become. This endeavor is intended to implement a long range plan by the Hierarchy for creating the same seed group corresponding to those already existing in the Ashrams. The Hierarchy intends that each Group becomes a magnetic and focal point of energy with the intent of creating that same energy on the physical plane. Currently, the Lightworkers are active in the Social, Political, Cultural, Healing, Educational, Scientific, and Economic fields.

In the following table each of the 10 Seed Groups are briefly outlined as to their higher potential and what they are intended to become in the New Age.

Seed Group Esoteric / Exoteric Expression
SG-1 Telepathic Communicators They work through the mental plane by sending and receiving ideas, and impressions from the Master. Their goal is to change the direction of thoughts of the lower 18 subplanes so that a new way of communication can be brought about.
SGl-2 Trained Observers The primary objective of the Trained Observer is to dispel glamour and illusion on the astral plane. He employs “right observation” of events and situations and reports “truth”.
SG-3 Magnetic Healers When working with a disease, the Magnetic Healer in the New Age will transmit healing energy from the Soul’s “living force“ directly into the patient. This will heal the personality and dissipate disease by working subjectively with the pranic or life energies in the etheric.
SG-4 Educators in the New Age Future educators will teach how to become a transmitter for  knowledge and wisdom of what civilization has to offer. Their initial objective will be to prepare people for esoteric training, for developing higher values, such as cooperation, goodwill, teaching education for peace, and to bridge the gap between the lower mind and the Soul.
SG-5 Political Organizers Workers in this group will facilitate “right” political and social order within civilization through the expression of the Will. The Political Organizers strive to make mankind aware that it is collectively part of the One Humanity, irrespective of nation, race, color, or language.
SG-6 Workers in field of Religion Religion in the New Age will revolve around man’s desire to understand the Divine Life by subjectively approaching and seeking an at-onement with it. This will be enabled through a deeper connection with the Soul.
SG-7 Scientific Observers Scientific Observers apply a mental understanding of universal concepts and the laws of nature. They will study the motivating energy that penetrates the outer form and the One who creates the new forms as an expression of the inflowing spiritual life.
SG-8 Psychologists The major task for Psychologists in the New Age will be concerned with the revelation of the Soul, leading to the revelation to Divinity in Humanity. The Psychologists will act as transmitters of ideas, to show how the Plan appears to be working out in the five kingdoms in nature.
SG-9 Financiers / Economists The Financiers / Economists will work with the Aquarian principle of sharing at the Soul level. The principle  of “sharing” revolves around the sharing of material wealth, money, and resources.
SG-10 Creative Workers The Creative Workers are concerned with relating the other nine seed groups into creative expression on the physical plane. In their process, they link and blend life and form creatively by synthesizing words, color, and music from many diverse sources to create manifestations of beauty.

The Lightworkers in their activities help to subjectively transform civilization with the objective of impressing the Plan on leaders of the 10 Seed Groups. Their subjective influence brings cohesion and rhythmic activity for the unfoldment of each  group. Their work will eventually establish each group as powerful focal points for revitalization of the etheric body of Humanity and the planet.

Three Seed Groups Promoting Change

The work of each seed group was seen by the Tibetan as an attempt to gather servers to form a nexus of spiritual power in preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ and the Externalization of the Hierarchy. Their work will eventually culminate in establishing the same Ashramic group on the physical plane. Here in the 21st century, the following three seed groups are providing a significant influence on Humanity and hold the possibility for lasting change towards unfoldment of the next stage of the Plan.

Seed Group 1 – Telepathic Communicators

The Tibetan describes the telepathic communicators as custodians of Group Purpose. They work through the mental plane by sending and receiving ideas, impressions from the Master. Their goal is to change the direction of thoughts of the lower 18 subplanes so that a new way of communication can be brought about through, for example the following Movements:

Racial Equality: Solving this problem by bringing all peoples, regardless of race, and ethnic heritage the same rights both in a material and cultural sense. This thoughtform of acceptance and tolerance in the public conversation is in essence the practice of right human relations.

Environmental:  Issues around countries and governments taking steps to negate all forms of pollution and protect the Earth for future generations. Individuals, groups and NGOs are working to direct public awareness with thoughtforms and ideas towards an attitude of the existing unity that exists between the human kingdom and the lower 3 kingdoms.

In this work, the Telepathic Communicator’s Personality should become decentralized and  aligned with the Soul for bringing details of the Plan into the field of consciousness. With a Soul connection, “leading people” in all professions can be impressed and influenced that their words, policies, and actions must be determined by world good.

Seed Group 2 – Trained Observers

The primary objective of the Trained Observer is to dispel glamour and illusion on the astral plane. For most people, the astral plane is real and becomes an obstacle in allowing energies from the plane of the Soul or the Hierarchy from reaching the mind of man.

When the fog of illusion is penetrated with the Soul’s light, right understanding, and  interpretation, and “the truth” will be clearly seen. This task is closely connected with the Hierarchy’s task of dissipation of world illusion.

A good example of a Trained Observer in today’s world is the activity of the journalist. This person often works in the broadcast or print media. Other “non-professional” journalists use the technologies of smart phones, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media on the Internet. Through these devices people are able to communicate with a larger audience than ever before often with mixed results. With so many forms of technology to choose from, many are using them to spread higher truths and values through podcasts, webinars and conferences. However, the opposite is also happening with those who have the intent of spreading lies and deception, thus subverting truth. The Trained Observer’s work here is to communicate the “truth” objectively in the global media and the political arena.

The Trained Observer must be able to extract himself from the events and occurrences of the lower 18 subplanes. He employs “right observation” of events and situations by withdrawing himself from the “center of activity”. For this activity, the Trained Observer needs to be detached and have the ability to simultaneously “live as a Soul in the world”, while not being identified or attached to the things of the physical plane.

When connecting with the Soul, the Trained Observer ideally uses his abstract mind for connecting with the Buddhic or Plane of Intuition. This plane pours forth light and brings illumination to mankind. For the Observer, intuitive perception is based on direct knowledge and the use of telepathy for receiving impressions. If the Lightworker has telepathy functioning, the intuitive faculty is facilitated. The Observer can then act as a  communication link between the plane of illumination and pure reason from the Buddhic Plane, and the plane of illusion and  glamour from the Astral plane.

Seed Group 5 – Political Oganizers

The Tibetan describes them as “Organizers”, inferring that workers in this group will facilitate “right” political and social order within civilization through the expression of the Will, an aspect of Shamballa. Both Shamballa and Hierarchy impress the energy of Will mainly with group energy under the Laws of Service and Group Progress. Their objective is to bring about cohesive relationships between nations for demonstrating how the Divine Will works out in consciousness.

The Political Organizers strive to make mankind aware that it is collectively part of the One Humanity, irrespective of nation, race, color, language, or stage of evolutionary Path. With the incoming 7th Ray energies of synergy, international unity will come about between groups or nations through practiced cooperation and goodwill. Success with this group will also depend on the work of the Educators.

Most governments have typically been setup with an individual at the top as a politician and caretaker who sets the tone and agenda for his or her nation, irrespective of the type of government. What makes a person a statesperson?  A true statesperson would most likely be a high functioning disciple or Initiate of some degree. Putting aside any utopian or idealistic visions, the political organizer-statesperson will act as facilitator for enabling an “immediate” vision in practical stages for a long term recovery to naturally unfold. He or she will be able to contribute and communicate ideas of the need for a “new story” or vision of how we’re connected, interrelated and working together in and amongst communities, ethnic groups, races, and interacting with the environment. In essence, he or she would be able to simultaneously see the big picture and have a vision of the Plan, and how their country fits. This underscores the importance of having vision and a capacity for rising above partisanship or the narrow-mindedness of nationalism for representing the higher ideal for the welfare of its citizens.

On a national level the statesperson has the capacity for bringing the diverse forces of politics, finance, culture, education, science, and religion into a higher realization. In the last 75 years, we have seen statesmen such as Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gobachev, Franklin Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill to name a few who had a positive transformative influence on the international stage. Each of them represent a need for a common shared vision.

Behind all efforts to formulate a common and shared vision for humanity, certain spiritual premises should be present, such as:

  • The new vision must lay the foundation for a future world order which will be possible only after a time of recovery, of reconstruction, and of rebuilding.
  • The world order will be founded on the recognition that all people are equal in origin, goal and that no group has power over another.
  • [Page 191]
  • Governing bodies of any nation should be composed of those who work for the greatest good and greatest number, at the same time offer opportunity to all.
  • The world order will recognize that the natural resources of the planet belong to no one nation but should be shared by all.
  • The world order will not impose any standardized type of government upon the nations. There must be a steady and regulated disarmament of nations. No nation will be allowed to produce any weaponry for destructive purposes or to infringe the security of any other nation.

[Page 192]

Carrying out these ideas will lay a positive foundation upon which the new world order can  begin its work. The preliminary stages must be kept by those who have the best interests of the whole in heart, mind, and action. The objective of the statesperson in carrying out this work will be to facilitate the establishing of right human relations, with justice, universal rights, and opportunity for all through right education.

The challenges and difficulties confronting all nations are solvable through cooperation, vision, goodwill and patience. Each nation should be allowed to perfect its own national life, culture, and economic rhythms in relation to other nations. The sense of security must be put on a firm basis of right relationship. A nation must feel secure because it is developing international goodwill by trusting its neighbors. It is therefore not dependent upon the strength of threats or weapons.

The recognition of the spiritual Hierarchy, which is working through the New Group of World Servers, must steadily grow in some form or another. This will happen when the world statespersons and the rulers of the different nations and governing bodies—political and religious—are men and women of vision, spiritually motivated and selflessly inspired.


There is a thoughtform for showing “Divine purpose” in all that we do. Lightworkers must see, understand and identify with the flows of energy and force in ourselves and our world to initiate change. We must become the change we want to see happen in the world. We acknowledge there is a breakdown and shift happening on both the inner and outer planes and that we must be present and play our role. This is a call and an appeal for us to act and recognize our purpose and see it as clear as possible. We need to use our creative energies for creating the true and the beautiful and build right human relations in all our activities and relationships across all groups.

We’ve examined subjective influences from Shamballa, the Hierarchy, and the Christ to Lightworkers in performing their service work. We are currently in what is called the Stage of the Forerunner, which leads up to the Conclave of 2025. With an awareness of the existence of the Plan, this can provide purpose for guiding Humanity as we transform ourselves to the coming New Age.

This overview of the 10 Seed Groups provides descriptions from what the Tibetan foresaw and are intended for them to become in the New Age. From our perspective, these are ideals. Some are already visible; most of it is still quite far off. The challenge for Lightworkers is to continue to be focused on their service work and the furthering of the Ageless Wisdom teachings. At the same time, be open to “impulses” and “impressions” from the Hierarchy.

Can we orient ourselves and take ourselves to the next level of systemic thinking? This will not happen when we practice division, we shut ourselves off from 2nd Ray Soul expression and are NOT practicing harmlessness and right human relations.

The world needs Lightworkers and spokespersons to communicate the higher ideals and values without getting lost in the partisan politics and separative consciousness. As Lightworkers, our place in evolution is to shift what is happening in the collective by allowing  the creative intelligence to flow through us in powerful ways. We are awakening to a coherent group field and are motivated by higher purpose. We are planetary co-creators living in a quantum potential. We are living on an evolutionary edge – a “Planetary Culture of Wisdom and Peace” is our potential. Together as a group, in touch with at least a sense of the Plan, we can dispel disharmony wherever it is. This gives light to the dawning of a new day.

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