Problem of International Unity:

The problem of International Unity is at the very heart a problem of separatism and lack of cooperation.  It is a problem of greed and control of power.  With the ending of the Cold War the world breathed a collective sigh of relief, but so many other dangers seem never ending.  The problems of (nuclear) terrorism, ecological and economic abuse still abound with no end in sight.  Further, there is no particular vision for the 21st century except for the richest nations consolidating more power amongst themselves and further squandering the world’s resources.  With the coming of a new millennium the time is ripe to initiate a vision encompassing all humanity.  But what will it take to unite around a common theme?   How will the world deal with the ever growing population and ecological crises?  Unless these and other equally pressing crises are dealt with head-on our world as we presently know it has about 1 full generation remaining  before insurmountable disasters ensue.

From an esoteric point of view, the problem deals with very serious mental powers being focused on the inner planes towards selfish and destructive ends.  When you consider the destruction wars wreak on the physical plane imagine the level of destruction on the inner planes that occur long before they reach the physical.  What kind of conflicts or karma are being worked out in the lower centers of our world leaders at the expense of all humanity and when will it end? 

It is my contention that the majority of humanities problems will not be overcome unless we have leaders with vision and essentially untouchable from an ethical, political and economic point of view.  Leaders that are Initiates, can and will continue to make a difference but can even they really manifest the Plan alone?  It seems that a number of initiates need to be simultaneously in key places, in key industries, all over the world to help influence (100th Monkey scenario) and make the difference (certainly with the help of the Masters).  It should be noted that initiates come in different types; those whom are conscious of the knowledge of their own abilities and the Plan and what they can do and those who have a strong understanding of the Plan and how to carry it out but are not necessarily conscious of themselves esoterically.  This in itself may not matter too much.  In the case of the work of the Initiates, its the successful working out of the Plan that really matters.

According to AAB or D.K. in TWM, pp. 412-413, there was a Master’s Conclave sometime soon after WW1 indicating that certain groups of workers…were set out with the task of  “elevating the humanity and expanding the human consciousness”.  “Its members are composed of men women of all nations and ages,  but each one must be spiritually oriented, all must be conscious servers, all must be mentally polarized and alert, and all must be inclusive”.  This of course, describes the New Group of World Servers perfectly.  Also, it seems that this largely happened after WWII with the birth of new understandings in social, ecological, economic and political spheres. 

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